L o v i n g  G o d

At the heart of New Community is a desire to help people meet Jesus and fall in love with Him.  We believe love for God is the fullest essence of what it means to be human.  Our Sunday environments are crafted to help people understand God's love and learn to love Him with all their lives.

L o v i n g  t h e  C o m m u n i t y

New Community exists to help the world flourish.  We want to not only love God, but to love the community around us.  This means our neighborhoods, our towns, our region, and our world.  We are committed to bringing the Kingdom of God to reality by loving the community well.

S T R E N G T H E N I N G  F A M I L I E S 

The world where we find ourselves is watching families dissolve.  And part of bringing life to the world means bringing life to our families.  One of our greatest passions is helping families grow stronger--no matter what they look like.  So single dads, divorced moms, retired grandparents, and lonely college students are all finding support as they build Christ-centered families.


The story of New Community began in 2012.

While New Community formed officially in 2012, the real story started about 10 years earlier.  Justin Bowers - our Lead Pastor in Buckhannon - spent about 10 years dreaming about what it might look like to form a new faith community.  Often discontent with "the way church had been done" and longing for the creation of something new, Justin spent years leading youth ministries, college ministries, and worship ministries before finally feeling the call of God to give birth to New Community.

In 2011, while he and his family were living in Michigan, they sensed a call to return to their hometown in Buckhannon and plant a church that would plant churches.  This was the start of New Community.

With this vision, New Community officially launched in 2012 with our first church in Buckhannon.  The fall of 2017 will see the start of a second church, New Community Elkins, under the leadership of Bobby Benavides.


We are a part of the larger family known as the Evangelical Covenant Church.

New Community is a part of the larger body of churches known as the Evangelical Covenant Church.  We are connected with the Great Lakes Conference of this denomination.  Find out more about our denominational family by clicking below.